Hystorical news

The Torre was built as a fortification (original destination) and only after was transformed into an owner’s house/Villa. Clear traces of “castellana walling” are notable also in certain parts of the building found close and projected ahead on the east side of the court. The name of the Torre appears for the first time in a document dated March 1047… Read more »

Description, location, environment

Torre is an architectural complex that arises isolated on the side of Monte Castelli in Val di Pesa, situated up-hill, towards north-south, surrounded by vineyard and olive-yard areas. It can be reached by swerving from the street that from La Piazza leads to San Donato in Poggio. The edifice is constituted by many bodies of the building built in different ages… Read more »

Michelangiolo and the purchase of the tower

On the first September 1535, few months from his election (13th October 1534) Pope Paolo III, Alessandro Farnese, confers to Michelangiolo the office of Supreme Architect, Sculpture and Painter of the Vatican Buildings and assigns to him a life income in order to assure the services of the artist for the rest of his life. It is an important action as he settles the role of Michelangiolo as the highest artist of the Catholic Church… Read more »

«[...] quando si trovassi da fare qualche spesa grossa in una possessione lontana da Firenze dieci o quindici miglia, cioè di tre o quattromila scudi, io la torrei, quando ne potessi aver l’entrata io; perché avendo perduto il Porto (il passo sul Po), m'è di bisogno farmi qualche entrata che non mi possa esser tolta; e più volentieri la farei costà che altrove. Io ti scrivo questo, perché, quando intendessi di qualche cosa buona o di più o di manco prezzo, me ne dia aviso e non ne fare romore». 10 Agosto 1548
«[...] when you will find a big purchase to make in a possession ten or fifteen miles far away from Florence, that is three or four thousand Scudi, I would make it, if there is an income in it; as having lost the Porto (the ford on the Po river), I need some earning that cannot be taken from me; and I would willingly do it down there than anywhere else. I write you for this reason, because, when you will find something good or more or less price, advice me and do not tell around». 10 August 1548
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